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Welcome to Iran!
GrandPrix Logo-V3The prominent FIDE Women Grand Prix will start on 11th February but the first move is already set on Tehran's chess board: through their welcome letters, the high officials guarantee a wonderful time for all their guests and visitors. The chess players need not worry, as they will soon feel what the Iranian hospitality has to offer. Everything is ready for two weeks of high level chess and may all who come as Guests leave as Friends!

Nasrollah Parichehreh

Acting President of Chess Federation of I. R. Iran

Grand Prix; a Message of Peace and Friendship in the World

Organizing the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix in Tehran, undoubtedly, is one of the significant events in Iran sport. Presence of 12 best women chess players in Tehran is a reason that all the sport specialists look at Iran for two weeks. Therefore, it’s our duty to organize this event in the best format.

Iran, a historical country, has knowledgeable people who are active in all fields. Iranian people have really improved in the fields of Medicine, Economy, Art, Sport, etc. Now, FIDE Women’s Grand Prix is a good opportunity for the Chess Masters, Trainers, Arbiters, and Media to be familiar with the culture, tradition and hospitality of Iranians. We hope to be a good host for our dear guests.
In addition, I would like to express my pleasure for the participation of Ms. Sarasadat Khademalsharieh, the talented Iranian chess girl player, in the Grand Prix. Certainly, such tournaments can be the start of chess development in Iran.

By organizing the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix, Islamic Republic of Iran overrides the wrong advertisements of some other countries, which are afraid of glory of Iran. However, Iran and Iranians go on their great goals in spite of all involvements in Middle East.

Again, I welcome our dear guests and hope they enjoy their time in Iran.

Mohammadjafar Kambouzia
FIDE Vice President

Sport is a basis of friendship between the nations and nowadays sportsmen are messengers of peace in the world. Being champion and gaining good titles are just one of the sport traits, although the championships are organized for winning and some people are introduced as the best players at the end of the championships. It should be considered that championships are organized in order to cultural interchange.
Sometimes the most complicated disagreements between the countries, which cannot be solved by United Nations Organization or professional politicians, are solved by organizing a tournament. It is miracle of the sport.
The second leg of FIDE Women’s Grand Prix will be held in Capital of Iran, Tehran, from 10th to 24th February 2016, by participation of 12 best women chess players. First, as an Iranian, I welcome all the esteemed guests and hope to take part in the tournament happily and calmly and go back to their countries having good memories of this ancient country. Besides, I welcome especially FIDE and ACF delegates, coaches, arbiters and players. We do our bests to be a good host for you.
Organizing the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix, not only is my pleasure as the FIDE vice president, but also it can be an opportunity for Chess Federation of I. R. Iran to show its capacities in organizing great chess events, as this federation organized the Final World Chess Championships and several World and Asian ones successfully in the previous years. I am sure that my colleagues in Chess Federation of I. R. Iran have ability of organizing this event well.

I wish you all success and prosperity.

Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh
Executive Secretary of Organizing Committee

Welcome to Iran!

It is the proud of Chess Federation of I. R. Iran to organize one of the most important world championships for women.
I have worked in Asian and World championships, as executive director or arbiter, all over the world for many years. Now, the responsibility of organizing the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix is deputed on me. My colleagues and I, with cooperation of Youth and Sport Ministry of I. R. Iran and National Olympic Committee of I. R. Iran, have prepared all the requirements of organizing this great event.

Dear Guests,
Dear FIDE Delegates,
Dear Arbiters,
Dear Coaches,
Dear Correspondents,
Dear Chess Players, who are between 12 best chess players of the world,

Our entire struggle is to show that Iran is a great country with hospitable and sport-friendly people, and I, on behalf of the sport family and my kind compatriots, welcome you in Tehran and hope you have a pleasant journey to Iran, besides the Grand Prix, and come back to your own country with happy memories.
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