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بولتن دور اول
ادامه مطلب...
ویدئو و نتایج پیش بینی دور اول

Revolution Day
R1-29Sometimes coincidence is a plan in desguise. Programmed or not, the first round of Tehran FIDE Women Grand Prix could have hardly found a better day to start its battless: perfect synchronization with the Revolution Day celebrated all over Iran on 11th February! And, as expected, the 'unexpected' happened. No, chess is not and will never (hopefully) be a drawish game, as the percentage of today's round speaks for itself - four decisive results and two hard fought draws is a great start for the chess lovers and for some of the players too...
ادامه مطلب...
And so it begins!
14Iran enjoys an indisputable reputation when it comes to receiving foreign guests and the local hospitality has been perceived by all players straight from the very first day. But no matter how welcoming the country, its capital and in particular the playing venue may be, Tehran FIDE Women GP is a sportive competition, unearthing high ambitions.

For the players a fantastic tournament needs just bit more than perfect conditions, as the most memorable events are the ones they won! And the first crucial moment, the drawing of lots, is knocking on the door. Whose individual number will prove "winning", when will the main derbies be scheduled and which are the lucky ones getting an extra White?

ادامه مطلب...
In the limelight
The Grand Prix didn't start yet officially but chess is already stealing the show!

ادامه مطلب...
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